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Increase the value of your home and add living space to increase your quality of life is with a basement remodel or garage conversion. 

These days, every company seems to be pushing incentive based products, especially for basement remodeling and finishing projects. Would you install a drop ceiling in your living room, master bedroom or kitchen so you can access the pipes between the floors? Would you remove the sheetrock and insulation from the walls of your house and install pre-fabricated commercial grade panels in case you had to get to a wire? These incentive based pre-fabricated products are only good for the companies who push to sell them. They do not increase living space, but rather create a commercialized space in your home.
In addition to increasing the value of your home, a basement remodel or garage conversion can increase the livable square footage and provide a quality space for family and friends to gather. A well-designed basement can provide additional living space, plus a bedroom and bathroom. A finished garage conversion can provide additional living space as well as a vehicle or workshop/storage. Just like with a basement remodel, the value of your home increases after completing a garage conversion or addition.
Our qualified professionals can assist you in your garage conversion or basement remodeling project. Email us or call (978) 373-2302.

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